Siena Tunnel Insights

Your high-volume package sorting operation relies on carefully orchestrated, complex interactions between multiple system elements from multiple vendors.

As packages fly by at 500 feet per minute, how quickly can you pinpoint and correct the problem when an issue arises?


What bogged down your automated sorting?

  • A vendor printing problem?
  • Labels damaged in transit?
  • A camera health issue?
  • A gap problem?

End finger pointing and guessing

How often does your maintenance engineer scramble to the sorting station only to find the problematic packages are already gone? Their diagnosis challenge is compounded because tunnel operations involve multiple elements from different vendors — conveyers, gappers, cameras, dimensioners, and scales — and rely on vendors to label packages properly. Unproductive finger pointing and guessing only delays fixing the problem.

Access all relevant images and data

Help your team immediately access all the evidence to identify the issue. Siena Tunnel Insights software collects package and label images as well as related data.

When maintenance arrives to address a problem, they can replay the sequence of events or search by specific characteristics like no-reads to diagnose the issue and view all relevant data.

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